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Maintaining the Appearance of your Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades provide an elegant alternative to wooden stair banisters and can also be installed around your pool or on a balcony. The great advantage of glass balustrades is that they allow for an appearance of open space. Whether you have just had some installed by Crystal Glassbuild or you are thinking of modernising your […]

Balustrades Add A Modern Look To Your Home

How balustrades can add a modern look to your home Giving your home a designer look is easier if you focus on larger features in the property, such as the staircase. There has been a growing trend for staircase design, including the use of stainless steel or glass balustrades in order to give your property […]

Damaged Pool Fencing Must Be Repaired Or Replaced

By law your pool fence must always remain compliant with government safety regulations. No matter what it’s made of, if you have an existing pool fence that has suffered damage, or the gate is malfunctioning due to wear and tear, your pool fence must either be repaired or replaced so it remains compliant.

Stylish Ballustrades Are Now Star Features and Not Just Fixtures

Balustrades have been designed to serve a function and a purpose over the years, and that hasn’t really changed much. But what has evolved in more recent times is the look of the balustrade. What were just humble safety barriers and ways of dividing off zones in the past have these days become a real […]

Planning On Building A Pool- Consider A Glass Pool Fence

With such a warm and consistent climate most of the year round in South-East Queensland, it’s little wonder that a swimming pool is almost as essential for the home as making sure it has a kitchen. The weather is warm to hot for around 9 months of the year, so spending the money on installing […]

Aluminium Slat Screening Adds Elegance To Your Fencing

If you are unsure what aluminium slat screening is, you are bound to have seen it around the neighbourhood, or used in the homes of friends and relatives. Often used for gates outdoors, aluminium slat screening is made up of powder-coated aluminium slats housed within aluminium framework. It comes in a variety of colours and […]

Why Glass Pool Fencing Is Worth It

While pool fencing is primarily designed as a safety barrier between children and the pool itself, these days pool fencing has really evolved into a feature. After all, we all love the look of a beautiful pool; with crystal clear water, decking and some nice landscaping.

Why Choose Crystal Glassbuild

Glass pool fencing is becoming increasingly more popular in the Gold Coast area due to its elegance and style, as well as its practical nature in forming a protective barrier. In fact, glass balustrading for balconies and staircases is also on the increase. Glass just always adds class and it very rarely dates.