Maintaining the Appearance of your Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades provide an elegant alternative to wooden stair banisters and can also be installed around your pool or on a balcony.

The great advantage of glass balustrades is that they allow for an appearance of open space. Whether you have just had some installed by Crystal Glassbuild or you are thinking of modernising your home through glass balustrades, it’s helpful to know how to maintain their elegant appearance.

So how do you keep glass balustrades spotless?

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fully frameless Pool Fencing - Crystal Glassbuild Gold Coast

Glass Pool Fencing: Frameless or Semi Frameless?

One of the most important decisions when building a swimming pool is choosing the right fencing.

Queensland has strict regulations that mandate all private and public pools are made safe for young children. The Queensland government made pool fencing mandatory and recommended design guidelines that all homeowners and installers must abide by.

Glass is a great fencing choice for your new or existing pool fence. This is one reason why many homeowners decide glass for their new pool.

If you are considering glass pool fencing, here are a few pros and cons.

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Fully Frameless Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing: Your Options

Having a swimming pool at home can open the door to endless hours of summer entertainment.

Swimming is a fantastic activity for everyone in the family and is even more enjoyable in the hotter season – especially if you live on the sunny Gold Coast, whereby summer can seem to go on for months.

If you have decided to build a pool on your property, you’ll need to consider pool fencing before you can legally fill your pool with water.

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Balustrade and Staircase Solutions for Your Property

When thinking about the aesthetics of building the balustrade for staircases it’s an important element that may be easily overlooked.

These components can make or break the architectural style of an interior space so choose them carefully.

Safety features aren’t always appealing, yet inthis case form and function go hand in hand so there is no need to compromise on style.


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Glass Pool Fencing - Gold Coast - Crystal Glass Build - Alderley exterior BALUSTRADES

Installing a Pool Fence? 4 things to consider first!

Installing a fence around your pool will ensure you and your family are able to safely enjoy splashing about in the summer months.

You’re breaking the law if you don’t have pool fencing in Queensland.

The rules are very strict and failure to comply with them means you will not be allowed to use your swimming pool or you could be fined for breach of safety regulations.

To avoid any issues, here are four things to consider before installing your pool fence.

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Glass Pool Fencing - Gold Coast - Crystal Glass Build - accessory-but-a-necessity

Six Tips to Enjoy Your Home Pool Safely

Now you have the chance to spend the hot summer days relaxing in your own swimming pool, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone is safe when using it.

Here are six tips to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Install Pool Fencing

Pool fencing on the Gold Coast is mandatory, regardless of whether there are children living on the property.

You will not be allowed to use your pool until your pool fencing has been issued with a safety certificate.

There are great stylish options available, such as glass pool fencing.

Gold Coast homeowners can add visual appeal to their pool enclosure and value to their home while complying with the law.

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Glass Pool Fencing - Gold Coast - Crystal Glass Build - Pool Fencing Green Tree

Glass versus Perspex pool fencing

If you want to upgrade your current pool fencing, and are thinking about choosing glass pool fencing as an alternative, then you may have already been tempted by the idea of using cheaper plastics as an alternative to glass.

There are several reasons why homeowners may choose to use plastics in their fencing, but when it comes to a battle between glass versus perspex pool fencing, understanding all of the implications of each type, and learning which is the best for your current needs is the most important thing that you can do in order to establish what type of fencing you will need for your private swimming pool area.

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Balustrades Add A Modern Look To Your Home

How balustrades can add a modern look to your home

Giving your home a designer look is easier if you focus on larger features in the property, such as the staircase. There has been a growing trend for staircase design, including the use of stainless steel or glass balustrades in order to give your property a modern look. In particular, a glass balustrade can have an amazing impact, and if you choose frameless or semi-frameless balustrades then you could give your property a modern style that makes it stand out.

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