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Damaged Pool Fencing Must Be Repaired Or Replaced

By law your pool fence must always remain compliant with government safety regulations. No matter what it’s made of, if you have an existing pool fence that has suffered damage, or the gate is malfunctioning due to wear and tear, your pool fence must either be repaired or replaced so it remains compliant.

If the pool fence has been there for some time, perhaps even decades, it’s bound to be looking worse for wear even if it’s not damaged. If you have a modern pool fence, such as glass pool fencing, if a glass panel gets broken, then it should be replaced immediately.

As much as a pool fence looks beautiful, its first priority is safety, so as soon as that’s compromised, something needs to be done about it.

Those homes that have old pool fencing, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade anyway; installing something more contemporary and modern such as sophisticated glass pool fencing. There is:

  1. Semi frameless glass pool fencing
  2. Fully Frameless glass pool fencing

When an old fence is replaced with new, or a new fence is installed around a brand new swimming pool, the fences have to be checked by a certified inspector to ensure they are compliant with current safety regulations.

At Crystal Glassbuild all our swimming pool fences are compliant, so if you organise your new or replacement pool fencing through us you can be assured all is in order.

If you have existing glass pool fencing that has suffered damage – maybe a broken glass panel or some hardware needs replacing – we can fit you out with replacement parts, no problem.

Our specialty is stunning and stylish glass pool fencing in both frameless and semi-frameless. A new pool fence is an investment in your home, and the results of installing frameless glass pool fencing are absolutely gorgeous. Your swimming pool already looks breathtaking, so you want a classy looking fence to match.

So, whether you have existing glass fencing that needs repairing, want to replace your old fence with a new one, or are just having your swimming pool built and want beautiful glass pool fencing to surround it, call in the experts from Crystal Glassbuild on the Gold Coast.

Our reputation in the local area speaks for itself, having amassed a long list of satisfied customers. Call today for the following products and installation:

  • Glass pool fencing Gold Coast
  • Fully Frameless pool fencing Gold Coast
  • Semi frameless pool fencing Gold Coast
  • Glass Balustrades Gold Coast