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DIY versus Professional Pool Fencing Installation

So, you have a swimming pool and you’re thinking of installing some stunning glass pool fencing. Should you just buy the materials and attempt to install the fencing yourself? Or should you pay a bit extra and have an expert do it for you?

Let’s look at some pros and cons.

DIY Can Save You Money

If you really know what you are doing, are not going to attempt the installation all by yourself and have the confidence that you can do the job spot on, then by all means save yourself a few dollars and install the glass pool fencing yourself. You will have the added satisfaction of a job well done, as well as having an elegant pool fence to admire for many years to come.

DIY is perfectly fine if you know what you are doing, but if not, best to call in the professionals so the task is done right.

Professional Installation Will Save You Time and Effort

When you hire experts to install your glass pool fencing, these professionals are experienced with installing pool fencing and glass balustrades, and know exactly how to work with glass, can overcome obstacles much more readily, and will generally do the job in a fraction of the time it would take to install the fencing yourself.

If you have the budget for it, why not save yourself the extra effort and headaches by having your glass pool fencing professionally installed?

Professional Installation Could Actually Save You Money

Let’s consider a few scenarios. You opt to install the glass pool fencing yourself. During your efforts, perhaps a lack of experience or due diligence leads to one or more of the glass panels getting broken. You then have to go out and buy more panels to replace the broken ones.

Another scenario is this: You install the fence, only to find that over time something wasn’t quite right with the framework and the fence is starting to come apart. You either then have to try and fix it, or pay for a pro to come in and put it right.

Potentially it could just work out more cost-effective to have your glass pool fencing professionally installed to begin with.

Crystal Glassbuild

At Crystal Glassbuild on the sunny Gold Coast, you have the option of purchasing the materials off us and going it alone with the installation, or you can have our expert installers erect your new glass pool fencing for you. The choice is yours, but we recommend the latter.

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