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Stylish Ballustrades Are Now Star Features and Not Just Fixtures

Balustrades have been designed to serve a function and a purpose over the years, and that hasn’t really changed much. But what has evolved in more recent times is the look of the balustrade. What were just humble safety barriers and ways of dividing off zones in the past have these days become a real showpiece.

No longer are those railings and barriers on balconies, staircases, general fencing or pool fencing merely functional. These days, with materials such as glass pool fencing and glass balustrades for staircases, areas of the home – both inside and outside – are now focal points because of the balustrades.

Humans are visual creatures by design, and it’s in our nature to want things to look nice. When you think of something like a pool fence, sure its main purpose is for safety of children and pets, but that doesn’t mean it has to look boring. Glass pool fencing enables unobstructed vision from both inside and outside the pool area. You spend tens of thousands of dollars constructing a beautiful in ground pool. Why barricade it in with aluminium bars when you can use glass? The pool should be seen and on display, not hidden from view. The pool is a showpiece and so is glass pool fencing. It’s the perfect match.

Balustrades of all varieties are in excellent positions to be displayed as star attractions in homes. Apart from the pool fence, there are balconies and staircases where glass balustrades can play a standout role.

Because it is classic, timeless, as well as elegant, glass doesn’t go out of fashion. In the simple form or a glass balustrade, your pool fencing, staircase balustrade or balcony balustrade will always look in style. If it’s kept clean and maintained you will get many, many years service from your balustrades. And they look stunning.

The other fantastic thing about glass, is that it can be matched with just about any other material of all different colours. Glass looks equally at home with timber, metal, concrete, brick and in every hue you could think of. It really adds a touch of class, and any part of your home that has sophisticated glass balustrades will become the start attraction and focal point.

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