Balustrade and Staircase Solutions for Your Property

Balustrade and Staircase Solutions for Your Property

When thinking about the aesthetics of building the balustrade for staircases it’s an important element that may be easily overlooked.

These components can make or break the architectural style of an interior space so choose them carefully.

Safety features aren’t always appealing, yet inthis case form and function go hand in hand so there is no need to compromise on style.


The Elegance of Glass
Glass is one of the most versatile materials available. Its durability and sophistication make it the perfect choice for balustrades on mezzanines, walkways and staircases. Part of the appeal of glass is that it does not intrude on the ambiance of a space.

On the contrary, it complements the existing features without stealing the focus from other architectural elements.

One of the largest advantages of working with glass is that it fits many styles – classic or contemporary.

Glass stair balustrades can easily create continuity within a room and allow homeowners to enjoy more natural light.

Light can easily pass through the staircase or balustrade to help the area appear more spacious.

Natural light is a valuable asset in any property and glass balustrade helps provide the appearance of open interiors – without closing the space in.

You can combine glass with other materials to achieve something exclusive. Glass stair balustrades give you the chance to play with different framing options to find the perfect match for your property.

Glass balustrade offers a modern appearance and if you’re considering a renovation it’s a simple way to update the look. If you own a modern property that has rustic elements, glass can be a great addition because it can balance the roughness of other materials.


Maintenance and Durability
Appearance is important but most property owners will agree that maintenance and durability play an essential role when choosing the right materials for their home. Glass is very easy to clean; all you need is glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

Unlike other materials, you will not have to worry about repainting or scrutinising over keeping clean any very intricate designs.

Toughened glass is more durable than timber and can easily last for decades.

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