channel glass fencing

Channel Glass—the latest trend in frameless pool fencing

An improvement to your swimming pool area, can be found in the latest trend in pool fencing—channel glass.

The frameless glass fencing system allows uninterrupted views of your pool surroundings. Unlike semi-frameless glass fencing, channel glass is installed

into aluminium channels and set in concrete. For this reason, it is ultimately much easier if you opt for this type of fencing at construction stage, prior to the concrete pour.

However, using specialist concrete cutting equipment, we are also able to install it at a later date. Another option is to install aluminium channels on top of a concrete slab or timber deck.

All channel glass fencing complies with Australian safety standards and local council regulations.

There are no gaps for children to squeeze through and the smooth surface makes it extremely difficult to climb.

One of the key aspects about frameless glass is how easy it is to keep it looking new.

With minimal maintenance, your glass fencing will sustain its timeless appearance for years to come; It won’t oxidize in the rain or need regular repainting.

If you are considering installing pool fencing, our advice for Gold Coast property owners is to seek professionals in the field.

Crystal Glassbuild has knowledge and extensive experience in installation of channel glass, ensuring the best results for your home.

Our team is renowned for excellence in advice, installation, and price. We’ll work with you from the initial design concept to the completion of your project.

We service the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Brisbane regions, so if channel glass fencing is an option you’d like to explore, contact us today on 07 5679 0161.

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