Glass Pool Fencing: Your Options

Glass Pool Fencing: Your Options

Having a swimming pool at home can open the door to endless hours of summer entertainment.

Swimming is a fantastic activity for everyone in the family and is even more enjoyable in the hotter season – especially if you live on the sunny Gold Coast, whereby summer can seem to go on for months.

If you have decided to build a pool on your property, you’ll need to consider pool fencing before you can legally fill your pool with water.


Regulations Around Queensland Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is mandatory in Queensland due to the rise in unfortunate incidents.

If you have a swimming pool built on your property, you will need to have a secure pool enclosure otherwise you could incur a fine, let alone be responsible for any accidental injury.

It does not matter if there are children living on the property or not, you are required by law to obtain a safety certificate to prove your pool fencing meets all requirements.


Your Options For Fencing Materials

There are different materials available for your pool safety fence, yet glass continues to be a favourite on the Gold Coast and all over Australia.

You can choose between frameless, semi-frameless or channel glass pool fencing.

They are all built with toughened glass, which provides excellent durability.

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is more affordable, consisting of aluminium posts and 10mm glass.

There are several options for the colour, either the standard silver/black, or custom powder-coated.

Frameless and channel glass pool fencing are more discreet and do not disrupt your views with structural features.

They are a popular option, commonly used in modern homes. We offer a large variety of stainless steel spigots, including black finish, which is among the latest trend.

Frameless glass pool fencing is installed into the concrete or deck of your home.

The other option, channel glass, allows you to achieve a seamless look.

To find out more about Glass Pool Fencing and Your Options, please contact us on 07 5679 0161 or mobile 0434 786 538 and we’ll be happy to assist in the design and installation of your new pool fencing.

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