How Do You Maintain the Appearance of your Glass Balustrades?

How Do You Maintain the Appearance of your Glass Balustrades?

At Crystal Glassbuild, we have been supplying and maintaining pool fencing and glass balustrades on the Gold Coast for many years.

We have an excellent range of frameless, semi frameless and aluminium fencing solutions.

Our team can install and maintain the highest quality barriers throughout your home.

Our experts can help you to get the best out of your Glassbuild installation, so it will last a lifetime.

Great Design

Our range of glass balustrades are fitted to the highest quality and specifications.

Our frameless designs are installed into concrete or timber, using a range of attractive and safe attachments.

These can be inserted at floor level or onto walls depending on your requirements.

The semi frameless balustrade designs are also very adaptable and have a slightly sturdier look, which appeals to some customers.

The aluminium we use in our sleek and stylish frames perfectly complements glass as a material. 

All our balustrades are designed and fitted to require minimum maintenance.

The glass and aluminium are finished to the highest quality and are resistant to everyday use.

They will maintain their great looks and functionality from the day they are fitted.

Wear and Tear

At Crystal Glassbuild, we have years of experience selling and installing glass balustrades on the Gold Coast.

This means we can help you keep your balustrades looking good and maintain safety standards.

Although we install to the highest standards, daily wear and tear can impact the product.

If you’re inviting friends to a pool party or you’re entertaining a children’s birthday party, guests tend to lean on balustrades, which is perfectly natural.

If you spot any damage or slackness, make sure you contact us immediately.

The best way to keep your balustrades looking great is to clean off crusty salt build-up – if you live by the water.

Fingerprints and smears should also be cleaned when you notice them.

Any supermarket window-cleaning product will get rid of these, or you can simply use soapy water if you prefer.

As long as you remove excess liquids, your glass will stay looking great.

Simple steps like this will be enough to keep your glass balustrades in great working order and help maintain the value of your home.

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To find out more about our elegant pool fencing and glass balustrades on the Gold Coast, contact us here.

Call our friendly team today on 07 5679 0161 or 0434 786 538.

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