How To Choose The Right Pool Fencing

How To Choose The Right Pool Fencing

Choosing the right pool fencing is an important task, it needs to be practical, functionable and stylish without breaking your budget. Crystal Glassbuild offers premium pool fencing on the Gold Coast by providing a reliable service, with top quality products at affordable prices.

What Are the Different Types Of Fencing?

Pool fencing is now available in a whole range of different options, frameless pool fencing, semi-frameless and aluminum are popular options to choose from.

Frameless Glass

Toughened safety glass panels are installed into concrete, hardwood or steel structures using stainless steel marine grade spigots. The premium quality glass pool fencing complies with all statutory requirements, which is an important safety factor when selecting your fencing. The glass fencing is manufactured with state of the art processing equipment using 12mm thick toughened glass.
Frameless glass pool fencing is a stylish option that allows you to take advantage of your outdoor areas without obstructing your stellar views.

Semi-Frameless Glass

Crystal Glassbuild’s semi-frameless glass pool fencing panels are installed into a concrete or timber frame structure using aluminum posts. The premium quality glass is 10mm thick and manufactured and toughened using the latest processing equipment to meet Australian standards. Low maintenance and durable, this type of fencing is becoming increasingly popular.

Aluminium Slat Screening

This style of fencing offers you a sleek, secure, low maintenance solution for your pool fencing and privacy needs. Modern and elegant in appearance aluminium can be supplied and fitted in a vertical or horizontal style, with a timber look or powder coated styles to choose from. The painted finish colours are silver, slate grey, primrose, black and mill.

Is Glass a Safe Option?

This is a question we are often asked at Crystal Glassbuild being a leading supplier and installer of quality pool fencing on the Gold Coast. A toughened safety glass pool fence is an excellent choice, particularly for children due to its smooth surfaces making it difficult to climb. With small gaps beneath and in-between panels it also means it is hard for anything to squeeze through. The glass panels also help you to keep a watchful eye on younger members of the family more easily.

The toughened safety glass with a thickness between 10-12mm is very difficult to break and in the unlikelihood that it should, it fragments into small pieces with no sharp edges. In Australia all glass pool fences along with the installers have to comply with strict safety regulations, and any new pool fence has to be inspected to confirm adherence to the guidelines.

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