Maintaining the Appearance of your Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades provide an elegant alternative to wooden stair banisters and can also be installed around your pool or on a balcony.

The great advantage of glass balustrades is that they allow for an appearance of open space. Whether you have just had some installed by Crystal Glassbuild or you are thinking of modernising your home through glass balustrades, it’s helpful to know how to maintain their elegant appearance.

So how do you keep glass balustrades spotless?

How easy is it to maintain the glass myself?

It is not difficult to keep your glass clean. Soap or dish-washing liquid and water can prove to be a reliable and effective way to clean glass products. Apply it with a sponge, and rinse it with clean water when cleaning outdoor glass balustrades. Furthermore, it can be worth hosing down regularly to remove any build-up of dirt and grime. When indoors, you may use a squeegee, wiping away excess water.

Is it more effective to use glass cleaner?

These products can be effective, applying them with a lint-free cloth. However, the chemicals used can damage glass over a period of time. Also, some of them can leave a streaky residue that shows up against the light.

How can I remove streaks?

Vinegar and water can provide a practical way of removing streaks and is a pretty powerful cleaner in its own right. Add vinegar and water together in a spray bottle in equal parts and spray it on. Wipe with a sponge and finish off with a squeegee.

If you haven’t installed your glass balustrades yet…

Now you see how easy it is to keep glass balustrades in immaculate condition, you will be eager to see the stunning glass designs that can be installed by Crystal Glassbuild.

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