Six Tips to Enjoy Your Home Pool Safely

Six Tips to Enjoy Your Home Pool Safely

Now you have the chance to spend the hot summer days relaxing in your own swimming pool, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone is safe when using it.

Here are six tips to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Install Pool Fencing
Pool fencing on the Gold Coast is mandatory, regardless of whether there are children living on the property.

You will not be allowed to use your pool until your pool fencing has been issued with a safety certificate.

There are great stylish options available, such as glass pool fencing.

Gold Coast homeowners can add visual appeal to their pool enclosure and value to their home while complying with the law.

Set the Rules
Prevention is your strongest tool against accidents. Set some rules and let your children and visitors know what they are.

They might include that children are not allowed to swim without adult supervision or that diving is not allowed.

Invest in Safety Gear
If you have young children, get them life jackets and a few more for guests. Keep a buoyancy ring next to the swimming pool in case you need to throw it in to assist someone.

This might be the quickest way to save someone’s life if there is an accident.

Invest in an Alarm
Pool alarms let you know if your child has opened the gate enclosure without your supervision.

You can also install an underwater motion alarm, which will alert you if there is unauthorised movement in the water.

Take Swimming Lessons
With Australia having such a warm climate and backyard swimming pools so prevalent in Queensland, teaching your children to swim is an important skill that they can use throughout their entire lives. Enrol your kids in swimming lessons for more water confidence.

If your children already know how to swim, take them to a class where they can learn about water safety and what to do in case of an emergency. Adults can take a similar class as well as learn first aid.

Get Pool Covers
Covering your pool can easily stop a child from using it without supervision. The pool cover must be heavy and secure. Don’t cut costs and only buy one that cannot collapse under the weight of a child, otherwise, they could be trapped underwater.

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For safety and advice, you can download this article for future reference: Six Tips to Enjoy Your Pool This Summer

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