Take care of the kids this Christmas with some pool fence security tips

Take care of the kids this Christmas with some pool fence security tips

Kids are curious and playful.

If a ball is tossed into the pool area, chances are they’ll be trying to fetch it by scaling the fence.

When it comes to aluminium fencing, children are able to climb on the horizontal bars or squeeze through the railings.

But this isn’t a possibility with glass pool fencing. The frameless design allows no footholds. It does, however, allow stunning panoramic and uninhibited views of your pool area.

A clear outlook is just another security measure, as you are able to keep your children in plain sight at all times. Not only does it look fantastic, but glass fencing has also proven to be one of the safest fencing options for your pool enclosure.

Queensland swimming pool safety legislation is always evolving to incorporate latest studies, practices and techniques that may better secure our pools and prevent accidents from occurring.

Every Queensland homeowner—in fact, any property manager with a pool on-site—must be compliant with the state’s laws of pool safety.

Make the switch to glass pool fencing for your Gold Coast home today! The safety and aesthetic benefits are countless.

When you choose to secure your swimming pool with glass fencing, you’re making a lifestyle choice that upholds an uncompromising attention to safety detail, as well as a sense of luxury.

Other ways to ensure your kids remain safe around the pool include:

  • Keeping furniture a safe distance from the fence
  • Supervising your children while they are playing near the fence
  • Establishing strict rules about using the swimming pool

Keep your children safe this summer by educating them on proper safety methods, and by having glass fencing installed around your pool as an additional security measure.

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