Did you know that there are over 10 million domestic swimming pools in Australia? This makes us the country with more pools per capita than any other country in the world! Swimming pools and Australians go together naturally, with our long hot summers and enjoyment in spending time outdoors. This means that you will find plenty of Gold Coast glass pool fencing options.

Pool fencing is a must for avoiding fines and to keep your kids and pets safe from drowning. However outdated, traditional fencing isn’t attractive. Nobody wants to create a glorious outdoor oasis surrounding by greenery and vegetation, only to have it be surrounded by bad-looking fence.

What are the alternatives? Glass fencing is a great option.

Here’s why.

  • It keeps your view intact – with glass pool fencing you can preserve the design of your garden and pool, so that your outdoor area looks open and inviting, without being broken up by ugly metal spikes. You’ll be able to see outside your window at any time and be treated to a full view of your pool, day or night.
  • It keeps you swimming for longer – unlike traditional fencing which features gaps between each section, glass fencing creates a solid and uniform pool surrounding. This acts as a break, allowing you to swim even in windy weather.
  • It helps keep your pool clean – a significant source of pool debris comes from leaves, grass clippings and vegetation that’s blown into your pool. With glass fencing your pool is surrounded, lowering its chance of accumulating silt and debris.
  • It’s unattractive to kids and animals, because many kids see fences as an invitation to climb, and even if your fencing is high enough that they can’t climb over it, they could fall and hurt themselves while playing around or on it. Glass fencing is too slippery to climb and isn’t fun to play with, so kids and pets are likely to steer clear of it.
  • It ticks all the necessary boxes – Yes glass pool fencing looks good, but is it affordable, durable and compliant with local pool fencing requirements? You’ll find that it is, making it the perfect addition to any home and any budget.

To find out what glass fencing solution would best suit your home’s pool, contact Crystal Glassbuild today.

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